Content and Objectives

The Intercultural Management Double Degree Master’s Program brings together cultural and social sciences and economics. Interdisciplinary education and research are becoming increasingly important today. In today’s modern world, questions and problems are too complex to be solved by one discipline. Important information can only be accessed in the interdisciplinary field and in research spaces within the classical department. Interdisciplinary skills are essential for international cooperation, international communication, intercultural dialog between business and politics.

The “Intercultural Management” master's program was presented as one of the first departments of the Turkish-German University in 2013. The "Kulturwirtschaft" program from our partner university Passau University which has been continuing with great success since 1989, was taken as a model. In addition to this program, the Double Degree Master's Program at our university focuses on the Turkish-German perspective.

The Intercultural Management program is a research-oriented, professional expert department. The department focuses on social sciences such as intercultural communication, communication sciences, spatial cultural studies / cultural geography and history as well as economic sciences such as business and economics.
The courses are conducted by the Turkish and German academics of the Turkish German University as well as lecturers of the Passau University through Flying Faculty.

The program is divided into 4 modules:

Module A, as a basic module, teaches students about intercultural communication and intercultural management and complements key skills for the academic field.

In Module B communication sciences, spatial cultural studies / cultural geography and history areas are examined in detail. These seminars address Turkish and German cultures both individually and internationally in their various aspects and as a Turkish-German culture.

In Module C economic sciences are covered by management and marketing, especially from the business sub-disciplines, and economic science. Cultural and international issues are considered here as well.

In Module D, praxis-related research events are organized. The focus of the module is on a two-month research project carried out under the supervision of scientific and intercultural consultancy. Well-known and important companies in Istanbul are carrying out the project. In addition, within the framework of a one-week scientific trip, regional development problems analyzed in the field are discussed. In the master colloquium, students are given the opportunity to discuss their thesis with each other and with their counselors.

The students complete the program based on master's theses and thesis defense works held at the Turkish German University.

In the Double Degree Master's Program, a one-semester study abroad at the partner university in Passau is projected for all Intercultural Management students in their third semester. 20% of the students are supported in their education abroad by the joint scholarship program given by DAAD and YÖK.
This one-semester study abroad provides students with a very important opportunity to improve their foreign language, get to know German/Bavarian culture better, and communicate with scientists, companies and organizations, in addition to the compulsory education program. In addition, the scientific infrastructure of the university constitutes an important resource for the research required for the students' master's theses. Students will be led by the Intercultural Management department office located here at the University of Passau.

Throughout their studies, our students are introduced to the latest questions in research and challenges in the areas of application. Several conferences, workshops and symposia are organized with the participation of international speakers on important topics in the field of "Intercultural Management." These events are prepared by the students and they take an active role in the event process. Thus, students have the opportunity to communicate with experts and scientists from various companies and institutions. 

Students of the Double Degree Program of the Department of Intercultural Management graduate as experts in the field of interculturality both in Turkish-German and in general. However, thanks to the scientific skills they have gained, they can easily undertake many other international tasks. Increasing globalization in the fields of international economy, science and culture and the cooperation that continues to increase at the supranational level has increased the need for multilingual experts who can work interculturally and transdisciplinary. The Intercultural Management Department provides the skills needed for employment in managerial positions in many different professional fields in international job markets. Examples of these areas are sectors such as trade, industry, banking, insurance, tourism, economy, politics and media. In addition to these, educational institutions, national and international organizations, cultural institutes, public sector and, of course, research institutions are among the places where our graduates find employment opportunities.